Antistatic foils Relax – set of 4 foils

The foils used in our visors are the result of years of search of a perfect foils fulfiling all the high requiremnts for this kind of products. The foils have the highest transparency parameter – 99,75% ensuring perfect visability and long life time.

Avaliabe packages:

  • 4 pieces of the antistatic foils RELAX.

The foils are suitable for use with Protective Visors Comfort Standard and Protective Visors Comfort Relax.



  • Antistatic – The foils don’t attract the dust or processed materials
  • Perfect slip – Most of the materials can be washed under running water
  • Anti-glare – The foils absorb very little light
  • Almost 100% transparency
  • Perfectly picked breaking point which is significant for the lifespan of the foil

Wrong mounting of the foils will cause the work comfort drop.