Antistatic foils STANDARD – set of 5 foils

The foils used in our visors are the result of years of search of a perfect foils fulfiling all the high requiremnts for this kind of products. The foils have the highest transparency parameter – 99,75% ensuring perfect visability and long life time.

Available packages:

  • The set contains 5 pieces of reusable foils with the possibility of washing. The foils are suitable for use with Protective Visors Comfort Standard.



  • Antistatic (does not attract dust particles and developed materials).
  • High anti-reflectiveness – the foil used absorbs very little light streams.
  • Almost 100% transparency (99.75%).
  • Foil washable.
  • Foil thickness of 125 microns.
  • Perfectly selected brittleness, which is crucial for the life of a given foil.

Improper attachment of the foil will significantly reduce the comfort of work.


After soiling, remove the foil from the frame, wash in warm water with the addition of detergent, rinse and allow to dry. Do not wipe. This allows for good visibility of the Protective Visors for safe work. The foil can be reused. It is recommended to disinfect the frame. If it appears on the foil, it will be scratched or dull as a result of wear – discard the foil and use another sheet. The manufacturer is not responsible for the consequences of using the product contrary to the instructions and the intended use.