Exchangeable foils SMART – set of 4 foils

The foils are suitable for use with Protective Visors CERKAMED.

Available packages:

The set contains 4 pieces Glasses are not included in the set.



  • Antistatic (does not attract dust particles and developed materials).
  • Universal shield.
  • Perfect protection and comfort during work for every user.
  • Extremely light.
  • High breaking resistance of the foils.
  • Foil washable.


Remove contaminated foil from the spectacle frame, wash it in warm water adding some detergent and let it dry. Don’t wipe. High breaking resistance of the foils.

Sheet can be reused. If any scratches or blurring occur as result of use, discard the foil and use another sheet of replaceable foil.

Manufacturer does not take any responsibility for using the visor in a manner not in accordance with instructions or intended use.