SMART SHIELD – Clip on glasses face shield – set of 2 pcs

The shield reduces the risk associated with droplet infections and protects against minor harmful mechanical effects.

Personal protective equipment


Contents of set:

  • foil set (2 pieces) with attachment clips.



  • Perfect for those wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses as well.
  • It fits each type of spectacles frame.
  • Universal shield.
  • Perfect protection and comfort during work for every user.
  • Extremely light.
  • High breaking resistance of the foils.
  • Foil washable.
  • It doesn’t hinder of the Face ID system. 

Method of assembly

Gently remove the foil, avoiding scratching and soiling the product. Mount the foil sheet on the glasses with the attached clips. Attach the foil when the glasses are open. Adjust the foil to a comfortable individual tilt. Do not fold the glasses with the foil attached – remove the foil first.
Glasses are not included in the set.


If soiled, remove the foil from the glasses, wash in warm water with detergent, rinse and leave to dry. Do not wipe. This will allow the foil to stay transparent. Foil is reusable. If the foil is scratched or tarnished appear because of wear, discard it and use another sheet. The manufacturer is not responsible for improper use of the product.