Visor for corrective glasses + set of 2 foils

Protective visor reduces the risk of infections that are transferred by air and protects against the effects of lesser harmful particles.

Personal protective equipment

Available package:

The set contains 2 pieces of reusable foils that can be washed.



  • Protective visor attachable glasses are a great proposition for people wearing prescription glasses.
  • Perfect protection and comfort during work for every user.
  • Extremely light.
  • High breaking resistance of the foils.
  • Antistatic foils thickness of 175 microns.
  • The foils have the highest transparency parameter – 99.75%.
  • Foil washable.
  • Stable and secure packaging.
  • The highest quality of this product goes hand in hand with the lowest price on the market.

Meets the requirements of PN-EN 166:2005 in the scope of:

  • light transmission coefficient (p.
  • spherical optical power (p. for 1st class of optical performance)
  • astigmatism (p. for optical class 1)
  • difference in prismatic powers (p.
  • field of view (p. 7.1.1)
  • side protection (p. 7.2.8)
  • protection against liquid splashes (p. 7.2.4)

Our protective visors consist of anti-static foil and permanently attached clips with which they are attached to the glasses.
Clips are equipped with a soft protective layer protecting the frame of prescription glasses from scratches.
Our protective visor is extremely light, which makes it practically imperceptible to work in it.

Method of assembly

Remove the foil carefully, avoid contamination and scratches. Insert wider edges of the foil into the clips on the both sides of the frame. Fix the foil when the frame of corrective glasses unfolded. Do not fold the spectacle frame/eye glasses with the visor foil attached; take off the foil before folding.


Remove contaminated foil from the spectacle frame/eye glasses, wash it in warm water adding some detergent and let it dry. Don’t wipe. It lets keep good transparency of Protective Visor and enables safety work. Sheet can be reused. It is recommended to disinfect the spectacle frame. If any scratches or blurring occur as result of use, discard the foil and use another sheet of replaceable foil. Manufacturer does not take any responsibility for using the visor in a manner not in accordance with instructions or intended use.